My name is Valentina Fezova-Georgieva and I am the creator and designer of ValKnitting.

I live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with my husband and our two children.

I work as mechanical engineer, and knitting has always been my hobby. My first knitting lessons were given by my granny when I was a little kid. So, with her help, I knitted my first stitches.

When my first child was born, I decided to start creating knitting designs. I like to use different textures in my works especially cables, but I like to play with delicate laces too. I prefer working mostly with natural fiber knitting yarns.

I find inspiration for my designs in the frequent walks in the mountains in all seasons, as well as in the wonderful city I live in, a city of ancient history and arts.

Besides knitting, which is my great passion, I like also traveling to different places and taking photos.

Thank you for visiting. Come back often!